Neil Tudor

Number 1 Sir Paul McCartney

Lookalike and Tribute


About the Band


Everything startet in 2007 when Hannes Greinke performed as John Lennon in the Beatles Tribute Band called "The Heartbeats" on Fuerteventura. The group existed until October 2008. After that he became the producer of a two men Beatles Show: the "Lennon and McCartney Show" which was running for another two years. In November 2010 a new guitarist and a new drummer joined them and the a new band was formed: "The Fab Four from Liverpool". After 6 months the band moved to Gran Canaria, where it was the most successful show for 1,5 years. In 2014, Hannes decided to relocate - back to his native Germany, and began an online search for new members. A musician friend of Neil spotted the request for a "Paul" and recommended him to Hannes. The Band is completed with Manuel Schoenherr as George and Hannes brought his former drummer back to the band from his Canary Island days, Yanko Sipos as Ringo! The Band is based in central Germany.